Monday, May 2, 2011

Ask the readers

So this morning I woke up to the news "Osama Bin Laden is dead."
What do you all think about all of this?
As a Christian, military wife, and veteran, I can honestly say that I believe justice has finally been served!
This man had blood on his hands and he must stand before God and be held accountable for what he has done!
I do not doubt that God, in His awesomeness could have saved Osama from his sins, (and perhaps He did... that will be one of those questions answered when we finally 'arrive'...)
But I wanted to ask you what you all think of this situation!
Any of you have family/friends that were killed on September 11th???
Your thoughts please......


  1. Thanks for your comment! I think I agree, it's all in God's hands. I will not be loud and obnoxious and celebrate a man's death, for I know God wouldn't. I STILL don't know how I feel about it all, but He does, and He knows what's in my heart.
    Thank you and your husband for me for serving our country!

  2. It's a hard one. The Bible says that God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezek. 33:11). However, David prayed many times for deliverance from and justice over his enemies. I agree - justice has been served. I don't think we should be exuberant about his death, but I am grateful for a military who put their lives on the line to protect their country and follow the orders of their superiors. That honors God too (when we obey authority).

  3. I don't think that it is right to celebrate the death of anyone. Relief is one thing, but celebratory mobs are quite another. The whole thing felt very wrong and surreal to me.

  4. Mostly I'm just happy that this might mean our men and women in the military will not have to be deployed as frequently or for as long. My brother is supposed to be deployed to Afghanistan soon and so I'm so relieved to know that Osama is dead. Although I have a hard time believing that this world will know peace any time soon. On one hand I want to feel relief and on the other hand I think that things may only continue to get worse. This is certainly a victory in our fight against evil, but the fight against evil won't be over until the second coming.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts all! I am not celebrating the death of Osama, but I do trust that not one person is born or dies without "God's stamp of approval" so to speak! He is the giver and taker of life and I am in no way "happy" he is dead, but do trust that all things happen in God's perfect timing and for His glory!!