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#NBFluffNStuff Naturepedic Organic 2-sided changing pad review and #GIVEAWAY {US/Canada}

I LOVE all Naturepedic products!!! Both my boys sleep on their organic crib mattresses (although my 5 year old really needs to be moved to a toddler-sized bed)!
I rest easy knowing that my boys are not inhaling toxic fumes that emit from conventional mattresses!
When I was about 5 months pregnant I started going through the baby items around the house that I had held onto from when my first two kids were babies. I came across the old changing pad!
This is what I found:

Notice the cracks in the plastic-like covering and exposed foam underneath!

I can't remember the brand of this changing pad, but boy was it in rough shape!
I was thrilled when Naturepedic offered to send me their organic 2-sided contoured organic changing pad for my review.
This is what I received:

  Here is the old changing pad next to the Naturepedic:
The size is just about the only thing these two changing pads have in common!
Here is a little more information about the Naturepedic organic 2-sided contoured changing pad (taken from Naturepedic's website):
I LOVE the fact that it's non-toxic and contains none of the following chemicals:
Vinyl, PVC, Pthalates, polyurethane foam, and no latex or wool (which are other great non-toxic options but not if you are allergic)!
This changing pad is so easy to use and super easy to clean. It's waterproof. It's coated with a 100% polyethylene food grade coating!
This is an awesome changing pad!
You can purchase this 2-sided contoured changing pad directly from Naturepedic's website for $99.00! You can find them on Amazon too for $94.00!
This changing pad is very durable, and will last you I'd say through all your babies!
As a Grand Prize sponsor for this event, Naturepedic is giving away an organic 2-sided changing pad to one of you!!!

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents!!! 
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Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above in exchange for my review. This review is my honest opinion based on my own personal experience, and may differ from yours. I did not receive any monetary compensation in exchange for this review!

Monday, July 29, 2013

#NBFluffNStuff His & Hers Homemade drool pads giveaway! {US/Canada}

If you own a soft structured carrier such as an Ergo, Beco, Boba or Tula then you probably know that little ones love to suck on the straps of the carriers while being worn!
I just love it when crafty mama's come out of the woodwork! Julie, who is a reader of this blog contacted me awhile ago when one of the #NBFluffNStuff sponsors pulled their prize for the event. Turns out Julie has an Etsy shop called His and Hers Homemade and she makes some really cute drool pads (along with a bunch of other adorable items) and has offered to give away a $20 store credit to her Etsy site towards the purchase of a pair of drool pads to one of you!
Here are some pictures of what she currently has in stock!

Aren't they cute??

Here is a bit more about Julie and the wonderful drool pads:
What makes Drool Pads by His & Hers Homemade stand out from the crowd?

CUSTOM: you choose fabrics, closures, ribbon options, & more

- Choose closure type: securely stitched Velcro or color coordinating Kam snaps
- Custom sizing if needed (- Standard fits up to 4" wide straps)
- Request more or less ribbons on bottom or top edge & color requests fulfilled when available
- Choose WHITE or COLORED terry cloth backing

VALUE: where quality & affordability come together

- Prolongs the life of your carrier AND its resale value
- Pre-washed with Free & Clear detergent to prevent later shrinking
- Easy care machine wash & dry on delicate cycle
- Very durable to hold up to all the playing & chewing your little one can do!

HIGH STANDARDS: I seek out the best, high quality materials to use in my products

- PREMIUM absorbent terry cloth backing to conquer even the heaviest of droolers
- Quadruple stitched ribbon loops & all-around top-stitching for added quality & durability
- Closure Choices are high quality Velcro or Premium cloth diaper snaps from KAM snaps
- All items made in a smoke-free, pet-free home

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents!!! **Canadian winner to pay $5.00 shipping fee!
To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below! You may have to click "read more" in order for the whole Rafflecopter form to load!
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Disclosure: I did not receive any monetary compensation in exchange for this review!

#NBFluffNStuff Ergo Baby Bundle of Joy soft structured carrier and infant insert review and #GIVEAWAY {US}

Oh how I love baby wearing! The first carrier I ever bought was an Ergo Baby Carrier! It's blue and it has been used and used for the last 5 years!! I started baby wearing later on in my 'crunchy' journey and have never work a newborn. I LOVED wearing both my boys on my back in the seated back carry! It's kinda like a piggy back ride but you have your hands free. It's awesome knowing that your little one is safely strapped to your back, in a comfortable, properly seated position.
We are an active family and especially when out and about, it comes in VERY handy to be wearing your baby/child and not have to worry about him/her running off, getting lost or going into the street. I've used my Ergo at the zoo, at parades, at the beach, shopping, running errands. You name it, I've probably worn one of my boys at it!

I contacted Ergo Baby to see if they would be willing to send an infant insert to me to review on my little girl. Much to my surprise, instead of sending me an insert only, they sent me an ErgoBaby Bundle of Joy in organic Dark Chocolate with chocolate insert!!
This is what I received:

Infant insert on the left and carrier on the right:
 The front of the carrier (part that faces away form your body when in use): 
 The inside of the carrier! This is the part that actually rests against your baby/child when in use:
 The infant insert. Notice the little pillow at the bottom right. The removable pillow sits at the bottom of the insert and helps keep pressure of the baby's developing sacrum!
The base of the insert where the pillow sits:

Once I received my carrier, I googled a video tutorial so I could see how to properly use the Ergo with the infant insert. I found this really awesome video put on Youtube by Ergobaby that explains step, by step how to properly use the infant insert! You can view it here! I am a big visual learner, and so the video really helped me a lot!

I must say that I am really impressed with this baby carrier.
I was able to easily use the infant insert and carry my tiny 8 lb baby girl comfortably in the carrier with no issues at all. She LOVES being worn in the Ergo. She does not fuss, or cry! It depends on the time of day, but I've worn her and she's been totally awake and looking around, and at other times she's so comfy that she falls right to sleep! It's the best feeling ever to have her right on my chest sleeping peacefully!
I am a BABYWEARING addict!!
I do want to include this image in all my baby wearing posts! I cannot stress to you how important it is to wear your baby/child correctly.
There is a common occurrence that unfortunately happens quite often with SOME baby carriers.
Hip Dysplasia!
As you can see from the image above, the thigh and knee need to be supported in the proper 'seated' or 'frog-leg' position. The Ergo baby carrier allows for you to wear your baby/child properly!

The infant insert reminds me of a little cocoon that safely wraps around your baby, keeping their legs in the proper position to avoid strain or injury!
Isn't she cute!?

 The insert has an adjustable strap that simply snaps to the other side of the carrier (snaps on the right) so that you can get the right fit for your little bundle of joy!

 Here is some more information about the Ergo Baby carrier (taken from Ergo's website):
This carrier is really a very comfortable carrier. Both for Momma (or dad) and baby/child. I've worn my boys for hours on end on my back and have had no issues at all. No soreness, no achy muscles... nothing! It really is a very easy carrier to use! It is very user friendly and is not complicated at all! What is more awesome is that not only can you wear your baby on your front or back, but you can also use the Ergo in a hip carry position as seen in this Youtube video!

Here is some more information on the Ergo infant insert (taken from Ergo's website):


                              Here is a picture of me wearing my tiny little 8 lb baby girl!


Once your little one is inside the Ergo carrier, it is really easy to reach around and adjust them so they are in the most comfortable position.
 As with any baby carrier, it is vital that when wearing a tiny infant you keep their face clear and unobstructed so they can breath easily! Ideally you want the baby to be at the height that you can bend your neck down and kiss them on the forehead.
We LOVE our ergo!

You can purchase an Ergo Baby bundle of joy directly from Ergo's website! The Bundles of Joy range from $130.00-163.00 depending on what print/color and fabric option you choose (regular or organic)!

As a Grand Prize sponsor for this event, Ergo is giving a way a Bundle of Joy in winner's choice of color to one of you!!!

This giveaway is open to US residents only!!! 
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Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above in exchange for my review. This review is my honest opinion based on my own personal experience, and may differ from yours. I did not receive any monetary compensation in exchange for this review!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

************Impromptu Giveaway***************

Do you like Life With My Littles on FB?
I've just posted some items to give away (pay it forward, winner pays shipping) on Facebook.
This giveaway will end Sunday night sometime.
Simply find the picture of the item you'd like to win, comment under that picture in numerical order....

Good luck and have fun!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

#NBFluffNStuff Round 5 Winners!!!

Hope you all are having fun entering the giveaways!
Before I announce the winners... I'd like to ask for your help!

**I want to thank you for being a reader of my blog. I love being able to gather sponsors and give away awesome prizes to people like you!
I'm asking for your help in a contest I have entered. It is a referral contest over at Dirty Diaper Laundry.
I am not offering anything to you in return for your participation... this is totally voluntary.
If you have not done so already, and you'd like to help me win, simply follow these easy steps
*Today is the last day*
1. Click on this link:
2. Scroll down until you see the Rafflecopter form. Sign in and put my name "Angela Heffner" in the first box of the Rafflecopter form.
3. Keep filling out the form. By doing so, you will be entered to win a Gen-Y wet/dry bag and a bag of Eco Sprout detergent and bottom balm
Thanks for your help!!

Here it is... round 5 of the NBFluffNStuff winners!

The 3 lucky winners who will receive a $10 GC each to the Joyful Giraffe are Rosa, Tamara S., and Kristen A.
The lucky winner of the flat from Geffen Baby is *again* Kristen A.
The lucky winner of the Thirsties Duo Pocket Diaper is Rachel N.
The lucky winner of the bag of Stink Pot Cloth Diaper Detergent is Lissa A.
The lucky winner of the diapers and wipes from Seventh Generation is Lily.
The lucky winner of the $15 GC to A Lamb's Tail is Michele.
The lucky winner of the $25 GC to Haute Mommies and Bella Babies is Bekah K.
The lucky winner of the $25 GC to Zookaboo is Amy H.
The lucky winner to the Smart bottoms cloth diaper is Ashley.
The lucky winner of the Imagine diaper cover and snapless fitted is Rachel A.
The lucky winner of the Sweet Pea prefold and cover is Amanda A.
The lucky winner of the $20 GC to Cloth Diapers Inc. is Nicole L.
The lucky winner of the Everything Balm and Bath Wash from Zoe Organics is Ginger G.  
The lucky winner of the Maple Hills Dryer balls is Rosa.
The lucky winner of the Lovely pocket diaper in choice of what's in stock is Lacey K.

Don't forget 2 of the Grand Prize giveaways have already been started!!
The Onya Baby Cruiser and the Britax B-Ready!
You can find all my current giveways here!!

The fun has just begun! Stick around!!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

#NBFluffNStuff Britax B-Safe infant car seat review and #GIVEAWAY {US only}

I think the number one thing on every mother (parent's) mind is safety of their child(ren)! From the moment I found out I was expecting (all 3 times) I made changes to eat healthier, exercise and so on. All in hopes to keep the baby growing inside me safe and healthy! When my babies were born safety still remained my top priority! In fact this was one my husband's only aversion to my giving birth to my two boys at the birthing center. His concern.... "what if something went wrong?"

After talking several times to the midwives at the birthing center in MD and having all his concerns addressed did he finally realize that a woman's body was created by God to birth babies. Our bodies are equipped to do what they need to do during child birth! If a problem arises during childbirth, a midwife can tell right away usually far before it becomes 'serious.'

I remember the birth of my first son very well. I remember arriving at the birthing center with my neighbor (because my husband was out of state at Las Vegas' "Shot Show" as the midwife said he was clear to go even though I was dilated to 2 cm and was 37 weeks pregnant)! That is another blog post on it's own!

Anyhow, I remember very clearly the car ride home. My boy was just 5 hours old and I had showered, eaten, nursed him and we were headed home! I sat in the back seat with him the whole way (about 30 minutes)! I wanted to make sure his head didn't tip forward and that he was breathing ok.... you know, normal mommy concerns.

This time around (as you all know) my baby girl was born at home! There was no car ride home from the hospital/birthing center. Only me getting out of the birthing pool and walking to my bedroom! It was AWESOME!!!


The safetly of my children remain my top priority! So when it came to purchasing an infant car seat, I looked into Britax! Britax products are known for their exceptional safety ratings!

When I contacted Britax and told them about this event, they were very kind and sent me their B-Safe infant car seat to review.
This is what I received:

Isn't it stylish? 

The Britax B-Safe infant car seat is made for rear-facing babies weighing 4-30 lbs, and measure 32" or less, and have a seated shoulder height 6.5-11"
This is the chest strap on the smallest setting (which is what I have it on still to this day and my baby girl is 10 lbs)!

 Here you can see the 4 harness heights that are easily adjusted to give you the proper fit for your baby!

The two buckle positions:

Notice the large canopy that protects your little one from the elements!

 The car seat attached to the base:

 Side view of this very stylish car seat:

So how do you know if your car seat is installed correctly and the level is right?
Britax has an installation video that you can watch online to unsure you follow the correct installation procedures! This is the installation video for the 2012 model B-Safe!
There is a little gauge on the base of the seat that lets you know when your seat (after installation) is properly level!
The goal is for the green part of the gauge to be between the two lines.

 There are three ways to install the base of the B-Safe to your car. Using the LATCH system, lap-shoulder belt and Lap belt only.

We chose option #2 the lap shoulder belt.
Britax also has a 'user guide' online that you can access in case the instructional booklet that comes with the car seat is lost or damaged.
Here is some more information on the B-Safe infant car seat (taken from Britax's website):

Product Features
Side Impact Protection distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, and contains the head and body
Tangle-Free, Five-Point Harness distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and provides a secure fit

  • Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner absorbs and distributes crash forces
  • Four Harness Heights and Two Buckle Positions for your growing child
  • Removable Comfort Pillow, shoulder pads, and belly pad provide extra comfort
  • Stroller Compatible Design Integrated CLICK & GO adapter system works with BRITAX B-Series strollers.
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly for vehicle and stroller compatibility
  • Adjustable Base has five positions for proper seat angle and positioning
  • 30-pound Weight Capacity for safety and comfort through the first years
  • Large Multiple Position Canopy blocks wind, rain, and harmful UV rays from baby's sensitive skin
  • Ergonomic Carry-Handle designed to contour to forearm to allow for more comfortable carrying of child in car seat
  • Premium Lower LATCH Connectors for a quick and simple installation featuring a push button for easy release
  • Built-in Lock-Offs ensure a snug lap and shoulder belt installation with minimal effort
  • Front Harness Adjuster provides effortless front adjustment when loosening the harness system
  • Easy-to-Read Level Indicators provide quick reference for proper angle of recline
  • Easy-to-Install Seat-to-Base Design self-guides car seat into proper locked position
  • Easy-to-Install Base with LATCH Connector Storage (Included)
  • Certified for Aircraft Travel
  • MSRP (USD) $179.99

The B-Safe comes in 5 different color schemes. Black (what I received) and also these:
Here is a picture of my little peanut only 2 days old sitting in the B-Safe! Please note that it is not safe to use any type of head support, shoulder straps or any other item to ANY car seat. The car seat comes fully equipped with a head support and little strap covers (to prevent red marks from forming on baby's neck)! I have this head support for picture purposes only. This picture was taken for the purpose of my review! She's so comfortable, all she wants to do when she gets into this car seat is sleep!!

Look how tiny she looks in the seat in this picture <3

As you can see, she has a lot of room to grow! Remember, this seat is made to fit babies up until they hit 30 lbs (which my 3 year old boy *just* weighed in at!
I LOVE this car seat. It is compatible with any of the B-series strollers!! Now, I didn't have a Britax stroller, but I did find one on sale for about $100.00 shortly after receiving this car seat. It was the B-Agile and I must say that it is a VERY good stroller and it looks amazing!!
You can purchase a Britax B-Safe car seat from any one of Britax's authorized retailers. Babies R Us has them on sale for $159.99 and Amazon (one of my favorite places to shop) has them even cheaper at only $134.99 (with free US shipping)!!
I'm so excited!! Because on of you are going to win a Britax B-Safe infant car seat (jumps up and down clapping)!
As a Grand Prize sponsor for this event, Britax has very generously offered to give away a B-Safe infant car seat to one of you in winner's choice of color!!

This giveaway is open to US residents only!!! 
To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below! You may have to click "read more" in order for the whole Rafflecopter form to load!
Good luck and Have fun!
~Mama of the Littles~

Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above in exchange for my review. This review is my honest opinion based on my own personal experience, and may differ from yours. I did not receive any monetary compensation in exchange for this review!