Monday, July 1, 2013

#NBFluffNStuff DoTerra intro kit #giveaway {US/Canada}

I hope you remember the guest post about DoTerra oils that Amanda typed up for me! Well she's back and this time, with a giveaway.
I used DoTerra oils during my labor and delivery... and it was awesome. I used an infuser which infused the oils into the air!

Here is the giveaway, courtesy of Amanda!!

Thanks for joining us again at Life With My Littles for the doTERRA Essential Oils Intro Kit Giveaway!

 The Intro Kit is doTERRA’s three best selling oils in one kit. It’s a great way to start your oil collect. Here is a link for 101 ways to use these three oils.  And here are my favorite ways to use these oils;


1)      Mix 5 drops of each and a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil or olive work great) in a roller ball (find those here), a small glass container would work well too and then just apply to bottoms of feet with your fingers! This is a GREAT allergy buster!

2)      Lemon; I love to add a couple drops of lemon to my vinegar and water (1/3parts) for cleaning. The lemon helps calm the vinegar fragrance J I also put lemon in hot water for tea when I have a sore throat and it’s a great internal cleanser so I usually add it to my water and drink it throughout the day! (a word of caution for citrus oils – they like to pull toxins out of plastics, so if you add citrus oils to water make sure it’s in a glass container or a BPA free plastic)

3)      Lavender; I love lavender for all things calming! Do you have a rash or a cut? Apply a drop of lavender! Can’t sleep at night? I love rubbing lavender on my daughter’s feet and diffusing it in her room at night to help her sleep soundly!

4)      Peppermint; I love smelling peppermint in the afternoon when I’m starting to get sleepy it’s incredibly refreshing and invigorating! It’s also wonderful for headaches and can be applied directly to the temples. It does have a cooling effect that “burns” some people so it’s a great idea to apply it with a carrier oil (coconut or olive) the first couple times to see how your skin reacts.

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Good luck and have fun!!
~Mama of the Littles~

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