Sunday, December 18, 2011

Birthday Blessings Bash 2012!!! Extra entry opportunities!

My boys are growing up (too fast)! The new year will bring two birthday's to my household! My eldest will be 4 and my youngest will turn 2! The picture above was taken just yesterday! We had our family pictures taken, courtesy of a local gal named Sarah from Sarah Michele Photography! She does awesome work!
I would like you to join me in celebrating the births of these two little blessings in my life! They mean more to me than any blog post could ever explain!
I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with them and teach them every day about every little thing! I love them! I am thankful to God for providing me with such a wonderful husband that works so hard and diligently serves our country! I am thankful for the steadfastness of his love, which makes me secure in who I am as a wife, mother and woman!
So, in order to celebrate my two little blessings, I am hosting a "Birthday Blessings Bash"
I know, I know, we just got done with the "Newborns AND Cloth" event (which was a huge success by the way), but I think you will be very excited to hear what I have in store for you guys for the Birthday Blessings Bash event!
So far I have 19 confirmed sponsors!!
You are not going to want to miss out on this event!
Here is what I have lined up for you guys *so far* during the Birthday Blessings Bash event:
A Bumgenius Freetime AIO from Modern Cloth.
A Thirsties Duo diaper from Thirsties
A Babee Greens organic cotton fitted diaper from Babee Greens.
A Grovia AIO from Baby Belle Bottoms (or a GC for $22.95 towards your purchase at Baby Belle Bottoms)!
A $10 GC to Cloth Diapers Inc. (review of the one size Fuzzi Bunz elite).
A Nifty Nappy fitted diaper from Red Barn Cloth Diapers.
An Applecheeks little bundle in solid or print (US and Canada) from Applecheeks.
A bag of Rockin Green Soap, from Rockin Green.
A caramel baltic amber teething necklace from Petite Bottoms.
A $50 GC from Sloomb (world-wide).
A $50 GC from Hearthsong (US only).
My Memories digital software giveaway.
A Baby K'tan baby carrier.
A Bento box set from Laptop Lunches.
A baby gift set from Hugo Naturals (diaper cream with vitamin E, Oh-so-soft lotion, shampoo and baby wash).
A Babykicks organic fitted diaper from Babykicks.
A $10.00 GC to Fluffy Rumps.
A Happy Heinys one size pocket diaper from Nature Bumz.

And a few more.... I'm still working on!
Perhaps you are a blogger and would like to get some more traffic to your blog/facebook etc.
If so, you can sponsor this's still not too late. Just shoot me an e-mail angela_heffner at yahoo dot com to work out the details!
Are you excited? You should be! I am also offering extra entries into this fabulously fun event!
How you ask?
Life With My Littles

Post my event button (above) on the side bar of your blog/website you will gain 5 extra entries into EACH giveaway for this event!  
Blog about the event in a NEW blog post (to include the event button) and linking the post back to my blog! This will give you 3 extra entries into EACH giveaway during the event! 

That's a possible of 8 extra entries!!

*Please note that these extra entries MUST be completed before 4 January at midnight EST in order to count! Make sure to post a comment under this post to qualify for the extra entries, there will be a place on each Rafflecopter for you to collect your extra entries and leave the URL where you posted!

*The button above was created by Rebecca from One More Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest! She is great at creating these buttons and can create one for you for a small fee of $5.00*

~Mama of the Littles~


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