Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Where I have been!!

It's a week before CHRISTmas and I've been trying to get things in perspective here. I've been trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but for some reason, it's just not happening this year.
Last Friday the nation was shaken by the horrible events at Sandy Hook elementary school where so many innocent people were gunned down and lost their lives. The events of that day still linger in my mind. Each time I look at my boys (or any other child) I find myself feeling not even a fraction of the pain the parents and loved ones of those left behind feel to this day.
My heart aches for those that lost their children, wives, sisters, brothers, aunts, that day. I cannot explain it.
I've not been doing any blogging since then and honestly have not had the desire. I thought though that I would type up this quick post before I go pick up my boys from school so you all will know that I am still here.

Though I cannot make sense of what happened last Friday, I can say that I believe that we as a nation need to rise up and live life unafraid! We need to keep moving forward, pressing on towards the goal!
We cannot give up, let up or be silent. We must love as if we have never been broken and we must forgive! We must lift up the ones that have been devastated by this tragic event and pray for the peace and healing that only Jesus Himself can give!

I believe that God is at work here. I believe that He specializes in picking up the brokenness and uses those broken pieces to create something far greater than what once existed there before!

I hope you will join me in remembering those that were effected by Friday's events! Remember them, honor the slain and join with me to pray. I pray for peace, absolute peace this Christmas season. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus this Christmas, let us also remember that with life (Jesus' birth) comes death (calvary), and with death comes life...

God bless you all and Merry Christmas!

~Mama of the Littles~


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