Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome to my journey!!

Welcome to my blog. This blog is being created for several reasons. First of all, it is my desire to record my journey as a Follower of Christ, military wife, and mother! In doing so I hope to reach out to other women like me and share with them everyday joys and situations that arise in this journey we call life. I am no expert in the matter, but rest assured that by sharing experience and knowledge we can all aide one another along the journey!
Secondly, I am looking forward to sharing my views and experiences with living a frugal and green life, and how you can have loads of fun while doing so! I am especially excited about sharing with you my addiction to cloth diapering!

About a year ago, my best friend Barb started a blog titled
The Forever Neighbor. She has been a great friend to me and is part of the reason I have decided to create this blog. (Thanks Barbarina)!!

Without further ado, please let me introduce myself.
I was born in Portland Oregon, and grew up in a small Oregon town called Cornelius. I have two brothers, a sister and am the baby! A few years after graduating from high school (1996, I know, that was a long time ago), and attending Portland Community College for awhile, I joined the Army! I served a total of 5 years in the Army as a Military Police officer and spent the first 2 years of my 5 year tour in Germany, where I met my husband Troy. He was also in the Army and he proudly serves today. After being stationed in Germany for 2 years, I was sent to Fort Lewis, Washington. It was during my time at Fort Lewis that I reconnected with Troy and we were married. He was stationed at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, when we were married and a few months after our wedding, I joined him there. It was in Oklahoma that I made the transition from soldier to Army wife. I have been a proud Army wife since December, 2002.
In 2007 the Army sent us to Fort Meade, MD, which is where we are today. Since we have been married, we have been through 6 deployments to Iraq, which causes somewhat of a strain on a marriage (which is a whole other post in itself). By the Grace of God, we have endured and are still learning about one another and loving each other unconditionally.

In February of 2008 we were blessed with the arrival of our first son, Aaron. Until this point, our family consisted of a dog named Kassey, a cat named Rocky, and a beta fish. Adding a baby to the mix certainly changed things!

November of 2008 was the most difficult time in my life ever. In January of that same year, my father Max found out he had pancreatic cancer. As I type this, I am almost overcome by emotion. The love and joy that fills my heart as I think back on my life, and remember how I sat rocking my newborn baby in my arms while learning that my dad had cancer. God, in His perfect grace, had given me such a sweet little life in a time filled with such pain and death. On November 5, 2008, my father lost his battle to cancer. I miss him very much, and think of him daily. I have peace knowing that He is in the eternal presence of God! 23 months after the birth of Aaron, we welcomed our son Joshua into our family. Both boys are such blessings to me and fill me with such continual joy!

This journey I am on has been challenging at times and extremely difficult. From where I stand today I can honestly say that God has been faithful and has NEVER forsaken me, or turned his back on me, and for that I am thankful.

Now a bit about my cloth diapering addiction! I had used disposable diapers on my first son Aaron for the first year of his life. Then I won some
Fuzzi Bunz diapers from a blog giveaway. After trying out these diapers I was hooked!! My Aaron looked so stinkin’ cute in his bright blue dipes. I had to have more! I researched all the different kinds of cloth diapers and I made the decision to stick with Fuzzi Bunz, simply because I was familiar with them and knew how well they worked. So I made the switch. I free cycled all of my disposables and started using cloth (which I found out is referred to as “fluff” by cloth diaper lovers across the nation).

This pretty much sums it up (for now)!
I hope you will find the time to read some of my posts (if not all of them), and will feel free to join in on the discussions!
I will be hosting a giveaway to celebrate the birth of this blog and I hope you will join in the fun…
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Congratulations my neighbor! Very well said and I know that you are going to bless many who read your blog because you are a blessing to me! I miss you my forever neighbor ;)

  2. I LOVE YOU!! We've stopped cloth...hopefully you'll get me into it, I think it will help with the potty process, we did bum genius mostly, and old fashioned prefolds and covers when she was new, she was a tiny one. I cried reading this, I miss the community of a base and I miss YOU! I visited Allen in WA last month and I can totally see how you'd fall in love there, its beautiful. love you!