Monday, February 21, 2011


The moment you have all been waiting for.. the winners list!
Before I announce the winners, I would like to extend a huge Thank you to the following sponsors:
Rockin Green, Nurtured Family, Skoy, Charlie Banana, Cloth Diapers Inc., The Willow Store, and Happy Baby Company!
Now, on to the winners!
The winners are as follows:
Funk Rock- Nikki
$25 to Nurtured Family- Nikki
Udder Covers nursing cover- Hilary Mercer
Skoy- aperry and Heather Irwin
Charlie Banana mama cloth- scriswell
Hemp inserts- Lori Kelly
Sprout Change cloth diaper- Andrea
Buddah Bunz dryer balls- Tiffany
Congratulations to the winners. You have been e-mailed and have 48 hours (until 8 am Wednesday morning) to respond to claim your prize!
Thanks to all of you that participated!
I have a lot of reviews and giveaways lined up for the near future... so stay tuned.
Some of the sponsors include Tropical Traditions, reusable pads from Glad Rags, Softbums cloth diapers, Happy Baby Food and Little Green Books (to name a few)!
Hope you all had fun entering the giveaway!
Did anyone win anything from the joint giveaways??
~Mama of the Littles~


  1. I'm a DOUBLE winner?! Awesome! Thank you :)

  2. I finally won something! AND it's exactly what I was thinking about buying if I didn't win this! Yay!

  3. You are both welcome ladies! It was so much fun!

  4. Thanks for the giveaways! So excited to have won, and that my friend Lori won too!