Monday, February 13, 2012

Third round of #BIRTHDAYBLESSINGSBASH winners!

The winner of the AMP duo one size diaper from Sweet Cheeks is Heidi F.
The winner of the $25 GC to Abe’s Market is Stacy.
The winner of the diaper from Sew is Your Baby is Debbie M.
The winner of the Sling Sister Snack Bags is Sarah S.
The winner of the set of 4 cloth wipes is Erin.
The winner of the $15 GC to Cloth Me 123 is Regan S.
The winner of the Kawaii one size diaper is Bekah K.
The winner of the diaper from Dick and Jane cloth diapers is Denise T.
The winner of the $50 GC to Sloomb is Jennifer S.
The winner of the Soft bums omni diaper is Julie.
The winner of the $10 GC to Crazy Leggies is Alicia W.

Congrats to all the winners and a HUGE thank you to all the wonderful sponsors!
Check your inbox/spam to confirm if you are a winner!
Didn’t win this time? No worries, click here to see a list of all my current giveaways!

~Mama of the Littles~


  1. Congrats everyone! I see a Julie but I didn't get an email, so I guess that's not me this time. Darn...I'll keep trying! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  2. HA, I was thinking the same thing...I got really excited when I saw Jennifer S. for the Sloomb GC, but I don't see an email...guess my name is too popular.

  3. I hope that the sponsors will open the giveaways world wide.

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