Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I need your votes! Can you help?

Voting is open now and will close 15 August (just about half way through our "Flufftastic Summer Celebration" giveaway event, so you will only be able to claim your daily extra entries for voting from 10-15 August on the Rafflecopter form. You can vote once a day (by following the instructions below) and can claim 1 extra entry into EVERY giveaway in the "Flufftastic Summer Celebration" event! So that's 19 extra entries a day (because I have 19 prize packs) for only voting once a day! Totally worth the few minutes it takes (in my opinion)!

To vote: *you can vote once a day, every day from now until the 15th*

1. Click this link! (you should see the same image that's my logo on the blog! It's called "Beautifully Breastfed" by Angela Heffner
looks like this:

2. Click on 'vote for this entry'
3. Then click on 'register' where you will be asked your name, e-mail and you will create a password. You only need to do this the first time voting. All other times you vote, you simply click 'log-in'
*by creating a voting account, you are NOT signing up for a newsletter or anything like that, you are just creating an account so you can vote!
4. Once you've put in your information, go to the e-mail address in which you used to sign up. Then click on the link in that e-mail which will 'verify' your acct. Once you click that link, go to the picture and then click 'vote'

Please note, once you've created an acct. and clicked the link, you will not have to do that again. It is only needed for the first time you vote. All times after that, just click the link and click on log in!

Be sure to claim your extra entries on the Rafflecopter form for each prize pack you are entering! You will be able to claim these extra entries now until 15 August!
There is no limit to how many prize packs you can win. So I would suggest you enter them all!

Thanks in advance for your votes!

~Mama of the Littles~