Monday, March 18, 2013

Disana Wool Soaker review and $25 GC #GIVEAWAY {MomBecks} US/Canada

I really enjoy working with Rebecca of MomBecks! She is such an inspiration and the customer service she provides is top notch!
I was sent a red Disana wool soaker in size large for review.

Here is some more information on the Disana wool soaker (taken from Mombecks' website):
"Product Details Disana wool soakers are the most natural and breathable covers for your baby. They are made of 100% Oeko Tex certified organic wool knit that fit like little shorts. Absolutely adorable with a T-shirt as a summer outfit! They are the best overnight covers because wool can absorb 30% of it's weight in liquid, so when the diaper underneath gets soaked the cover will start absorbing the extra. The beauty of wool is that you only need to wash every other week. The lanolin in wool reacts with urine and creates a soap, so they are basically self-cleaning. Just air out after every change, hand wash every other week in a gentle wool wash like Disana or Eucalan, NOT Woolite because it strips the lanolin off, and soak in a lanolin bath to restore lanolin content. Felting makes them even more water proof by pulling the fibers closer. To felt, soak in lukewarm water and squeeze. Roll in a towel and squeeze to remove excess water. Then, dry on high for 10-15 minutes. Check after 10 minutes and stop felting when it's the size and shape you want it to be. The waistband can be rolled up for cold winter months or rolled down for warmer weather. Can be worn over a snappied flat or prefold diaper or a fitted diaper. Comes in 8 great colors in size Newborn (6-13lb, tag says 3-6 months), Small (11-18lb, tag says 6-12 months), Medium (17-26lb, tag says 12-24 months), Large (21-35lb, tag says 2-3 years), and X-Large (30-40lb, tag says 4-5 years)"

This soaker fit my 28 lb 2 yo perfectly!

I used it at night for him as he was a heavy wetter!
It did need to be washed and lanolized before use, but I find that process very simple!
I've blogged about how to care for your wool in the past. You can read about how to clean and lanolize your wool here and here! Sustainablebabyish put out a great tutorial on their FB page which you can view here!

What's so great about wool!?
It's a natural fiber, sustainable, easy to care for, creates a bullet-proof cloth diapering solution for heavy wetters!
I LOVE wool!

Do you have a heavy wetter that wakes you up at night because their diaper is sopping wet? If so, you should try a wool soaker over a fitted diaper!

You can purchase a Disana wool soaker directly from MomBecks for only $25.00!
They come in many beautiful colors too!

Rebecca of MomBecks has graciously offered one LWML reader a $25 GC towards the purchase of anything on her website:

To enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below.
You may have to click on 'read more' in order for the Rafflecopter form to fully load!

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents (some restrictions apply to Canadians as far as what items can be shipped to Canada)!

Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above in exchange for my review. This review is my honest opinion based on my own personal experience, and may differ from yours. I did not receive any monetary compensation in exchange for this review!

Good luck and have fun!!

~Mama of the Littles~

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  1. Just got one of these in the mail today, size large. It is amazingly soft! Kind of too big on my 23lb 22month old...but not falling off big, so hopefully he will fit it soon.

    1. Selenke! Awesome! I LOVE my Disana! <3
      Thanks for sharing!!

  2. *DROOLS* These are my FAV covers ever! I have 4 of them and plan to buy more as I go along :D

  3. Our first wool cover was a plum Disana! I loved it! :)

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