Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Wonderful World of Wool...

I am in love! Of course, you know that I love my husband, my two boys and God more than anything... oh, and cloth diapers too... but I've recently found a new love and I'd love to share it with you! (did not intend for that to rhyme)!! Wool!! It all started with my 3 year old (Aaron) waking up wet.... EVERY MORNING... no matter what I put on him at night... fluffy triple stuffed hemp, microfiber... you name it, we tried it. Then I finally broke down and bought some disposables specifically created for nighttime use by... and guess what, he still woke up wet! Argh!!! How frustrating for me (a cloth diaper addict and environmentally savvy mama) to have to use these disgusting, chemical-laden disposable diapers on my beloved babies! There is hope! You can conquer night time cloth diapering with wool!!! Not too long ago I bloggy friend of mine, Lindsey over at So Easy Being Green did an event called "Out Like a Lamb." This series was all about using wool covers and fitted diapers! She hosted many great giveaways and showcased a lot of really great items that will help any novice wool user to get started! She created a post called how to prep for your wool and let me tell you, after reading it, I was convinced that using and caring for wool was EASY!! So I took my Aristocrats wool cover and washed it in Eucalan wool wash, then lanolized it according to Lindsey's directions... let the cover dry flat and have been using it EVERY NIGHT since, with NO LEAKS! I do have to admit, the first time I used the wool cover, I had only washed it in the Eucalan, and let it dry.... did not lanolize it (thinking the lanolin contained in Eucalan would do the trick) and my son woke up wet. So I decided to lanolize the cover and let me tell you, my son has not been wet in the mornings! Oh, did I also mention too that my kids are waking up later?? I swear its because he feels dry and can sleep peacefully. Before, when he was using disposables, and waking up wet, he was up by 6:30 and saying "mama I'm all wet, mama, I peed my diaper" but now he wakes up and simply lies in bed talking or singing until I go in and get him up! What a difference an extra hour of sleep makes (for him and I)!! I have not tried the wool cover on my youngest son (Joshua, 15 months)... I am actually needing to get a hold of another fitted diaper to try on him... but it is in the works! So, stay tuned for a review of the Aristocrats wool cover.... and a giveaway!!! But first, I've got another review in the works! Fluffy fun days ahead!!! Stay tuned! Have you used wool, do you love it? Have you thought about using wool, but are scared? Please share your stories with me by commenting on this post! ~Mama of the Littles~


  1. I've thought about using it (super heavy wetter and we were using disposables at night)...we just switched to stuffing with hemp at night. Worked the first night, we'll see if it's a permanent solution or if I need to look more into wool! :)

  2. My boys are also super heavy wetters at night. Wool is about the only thing that works for us. I either use a Monkey and Bug pocket fitted or a fleece pocket at night with wool longies. At first I was scared that wool would be to difficult to care for, but I got a pair in a swap and loved them. Typically we use pockets during the day while at daycare, but when I am home I love using fitteds with wool over top.

  3. Yo Sisto!

    I want to try wool! As we have discussed before, the problem seems to be finding things that are affordable (the fitted diapers and the longies/shorties)! This is the only thing that is keeping me from going wool at night for Jonathan!