Friday, September 13, 2013

Grovia Kiwi Pie fitted diaper review!

I LOVE fitted diapers! I turned to Grovia in my search for a night time fitted diaper that would be very absorbent and CUTE for my little girl.
I was sent a Kiwi Pie fitted diaper in the Ellie the elephant print for my review! This is what I received:

 The Grovia Kiwi Pie fitted diaper is a one size diaper that fits babies from 10-30 + lbs. I had to wait to put it on my little girl as she just hit 10.5 lbs at 4 months! It is made of 50% micromodal (which comes from Beech trees) and 50% pima cotton!
The Kiwi Pie does require a cover as it is NOT water proof!
The shell has a lay in soaker:

 The soaker simply snaps together and lays inside the diaper:

The diaper on it's smallest setting: 
 Largest setting:
Here is the product description *taken from Grovia's website*:
Why Kiwi Pie™? Kiwi Pie is GroVia®'s nod to old school cloth diapering that incorporates modern materials and luxurious style. Sewn right here in the United States, key elements for Kiwi Pie are milled here at home. Inner Body: 50% Micromodal/50% pima cotton | Print Layer: 100% cotton What makes MicroModal™ so special? •Modal comes from Beech trees •It is 50% more hygroscopic (water-absorbent) per unit volume than cotton •It stays soft wash after wash •It is more resistant to mineral deposits from hard water •Includes two 4-layer soakers that can be used apart or together, depending on absorbency needs •REQUIRES A COVER. Your favorite GroVia Shell or Kiwi Pie Wool Cover will work perfectly!

We really love this diaper. It's one of the ones I reach for at night time! Pair it with a wool cover and it's bullet-proof!

You can buy a Grovia Kiwi Pie fitted directly from the Grovia website for $27.00
You won't regret your purchase. I only wish they would have fit my little girl sooner!!

Thanks to Grovia for sponsoring this review!

~Mama of the Littles~

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  1. Glad to see this, I've been considering buying one of these for a while now. Just having trouble getting past the cost of them