Sunday, September 29, 2013

What's been going on!!!

I've been a bit MIA and for good reason! The a week ago last Tuesday while changing my now 5 month old little girl I felt a lump near the base of her spine. I took her to the doctor just to have it checked.... the three words that came out of his mouth shook me to the core "Spina Bifida Occulta."

Now, when I hear the words spina bifid I automatically think a debilitating condition that would effect my daughter the rest of her life. The doctor told me I would need to have an ultrasound done on her spine to determine the severity!
I made it out the door, half way to my car and started weeping! I was so afraid, so unsure of what all of this meant, and could mean for us!

I spent the next 3 days on the phone with the insurance company trying to figure out a place to have the scan done. Two days later I called again and was given an appointment at the children's hospital in Nashville, TN.

In the mean time I took my baby girl to me to Bible study (Minivan Mayhem) and shared the news with my group. I asked whomever felt led to come forward and lay hands on my daughter and pray!
About a dozen moms came forward to pray!
The Bible tells us to pray specifically! So that is what I did! I prayed that when her spine was examined there would be nothing found! I had to be strong. I had to trust that God Himself had not only me, but my whole family in His grip of grace! I had to lay her on the altar once again and give her over to Him! So I did! I had such an amazing sense of peace in my heart. Knowing that no matter what the diagnosis was, that it was going to be ok. Romans 8:28 says that God uses ALL things for good for those that love Him. Not just the good times, the times of rejoicing and peace, but also in the midst of the storm when we are so afflicted, confused and hurt that we can't seem to find solid ground to stand on!

Then came the day for the appointment for the ultrasound!
My neighbor graciously went with me and we had the scan done (she cried through the whole thing)!
The next day I scheduled an appointment with her doctor to give us the results. I received a call from his office that day telling me that they did not have the results yet and it would be awhile before they did. More waiting!

Finally the phone rang! The lady on the other end told me that the scan showed NO ABNORMALITIES!!! My baby girl had been healed!

I have seen God work in my life, and in the lives of those around me these last two weeks like never before!

I stand in awe of Him!!

~Mama of the Littles~


  1. Praise the Lord! I was so scared for you when I started reading this post, but I am incredibly thankful that everything turned out alright. There are too many sick babies and my heart hurts for them and their mamas.

  2. The power of prayer is amazing. Thanking God for healing and that your baby girl is alright.

  3. Oh my goodness, what wonderful news! It's been one of those days around here and it's nice to hear something good. :)

  4. What a blessing for your family! I am so glad that everything is alright. Your children are blessed to have a mother with such strong faith! The peace that comes with prayer is truly an amazing thing - it allows us to face whatever is placed before us knowing that the Lord knows what is best for us at that time. Thank you for sharing your story! I know that it is through sharing our own faith that we can help strengthen the faith of others!

  5. That is amazing and just goes to show how great a God we serve! I'm glad your little baby girl is a-ok :) I have spina bifida as well but I never knew it until I had my VBAC after an x-ray was done. It's nothing major but it's still there.

  6. That's awesome! Very blessed :) Glad your little girl is ok!

  7. So happy to hear this!
    God is good!!!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments! I am relieved that she is ok. We think we have control over so many things but in all reality, we are not in control. It's only when we realize this and turn to Him for guidance that we find peace! <3