Saturday, October 23, 2010

Extra Ergo Carrier giveaway entries!!

Ok, since many of you have stated you would like more ways to enter to win the Ergo Baby giveaway, I have come up with a plan!! *please note, these extra entries are only valid for the Ergo Baby giveaway and cannot be used for any other current giveaways*
1. Refer your friends to my blog and have them follow me publicly via Google Friend Connect. Once they are following, you can comment with their Google id/name to let me know you referred them. (2 extra entries per every person you refer)!
2. Send your friends to my new LWML Facebook page HERE and for every person you send that 'fans' me, you will get 2 entries! Again be sure to leave 2 separate comments and make sure you put the person's Facebook username/id of whom you sent!
Ok... ready, set go!!
Have fun!!