Monday, November 1, 2010

Want Extra Giveaway Entries?

So here's the deal, I am competing in a contest for Babykicks cloth diapers! I am going to publish a blog post tomorrow (2 November) titled "Babykicks Contest." The post will contain 2 links one to the Babykicks website and 1 to their new You Tube Video Titled "Ease of Use." I need you to visit my blog once a day and click on the links (the one to their site, and to the video on You Tube).

Why? The blog that generates the most traffic to their sites gets 2 free Babykicks 3g cloth diapers, 1 to keep and 1 to give away!
So by helping me out, you are increasing the chance we will be able to have a Babykicks cloth diaper giveaway here at LWML!! *you will also be earning extra giveaway entries to my current giveaways*

Here is what I need you to do:
Visit my blog everyday from Tuesday, 2 November through Monday, 8 November and go to the post titled "Babykicks Contest!" Then I need you to click on the two links on that page! 1 link will send you to the Babykicks website, and the other will send you to their You Tube video!

What's in it for you?
You can visit the blog and click on the links several times a day! I am offering you 1 extra giveaway entry per day (per giveaway)! Make sense? So lets say on Tuesday you visit my blog and click on both links under the post titled "Babykicks Contest" by doing so, you have earned 1 extra entry into ALL of my current giveaways that you are entering for that day!! So you can comment on all of my giveaways and simply state "Babykicks Contest" (be sure to leave your e-mail address and date in the comment as well).
The Babykicks folks are able to track who viewed their website and You Tube video, so please be honest with your entries!
You can come back to the blog every day, or several times a day and click on the links! But you will only earn 1 entry into each giveaway per day! We will have 6 days to get this thing done, that means 6 extra entries for you... one per day!
Come back here tomorrow (Tuesday, 2 November) to start earning your extra entries!
Tell your friends... Leave the blog link so your friends can click and help us get a Babykicks 3g diaper for a giveaway of our own!
Thanks in advance for your help!!
~Mama of the Littles~