Thursday, December 16, 2010

Applecheeks Facebook photo contest/Extra entry opportunities

Ok...I need you all to go to Applecheeks FB page anytime between tomorrow (17 December through 23 December at noon EST) and find these two pics:

And comment underneath them, with the word "Vote" somewhere in your comment!

The name under the pic will be Joshua H.

I think there will be a folder labeled "Holiday photo contest" or something like that!

On 23 December when the contest is over, I will compile the names of all the people on FB that have voted for BOTH these pics and randomly choose 1 person to recieve a free bag of Rockin Green Funk Rock (full-sized bag)!!

Also, by voting, you will be given two extra entries to EACH of my current giveaways, which are a Babykicks 3g cloth diaper, a Dinkledooz cloth diaper and 5 winners will receive Jackson Reece organic, herbal wipes! *simply write "AC Photo contest" in your comment!

*you will have to like their page first before you can comment*

~Mama of the Littles~


  1. Oh how precious. I want to hang him on my Christmas tree!

    Your newest follower from the Military Blog Hop!