Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vote + Win = Huge giveaway *ends 23 Oct*

Ok, so you all already know the deal, if you cast a vote for my son Joshua (instructions to follow) you will automatically be entered into the giveaway for a full sized bag of Rockin Green Funk rock! Let's sweeten the deal!
I have a roll of Applecheeks disposable liners, a Mother Ease one size organic diaper with a size Med/Large cover, a sample of Rockin Green's Hard Rock in Smashing Watermelon that all need a new home.
All items are brand new!
So here is how its going to play out.
If you have already voted, you are already entered to win the Funk Rock and you need to do nothing more.
If you have not already voted, simply follow these instructions and you will also be entered to win the bag of Funk Rock!
If you can get your FB friends to vote, have them leave your name in the "Vote" comment and you can have 1 extra entry for each person you get to vote on BOTH pics!

Here are the instructions on how to vote (3 simple easy steps):
1. Go to the Applecheeks FB page, and become a fan (or like them, by clicking on the grey "like" box at the top of the screen) you can do that by clicking HERE!
2. Once you have 'liked' their page, click HERE and scroll all the way down to the last comment. In the comment box type "vote"
*make sure the baby you are voting for is "Joshua H."
3. Click HERE and do the same thing, comment at the bottom with the word "vote"
Too stinkin' easy!!

Now for the other portion of giveaways (mentioned above)!
If we win, I will make another post to the blog announcing the giveaway event.
Remember, there will be all these prizes for the one giveaway:
1 roll of Applecheeks disposable liners
1 Mother Ease one size organic diaper with a size Med/Large cover
1 sample of Rockin Green's Hard Rock in Smashing Watermelons
Ok. So once we win, and you see that blog post, simply comment on that blog post announcing the giveaway that you voted.
If you voted for both pics, you get 2 entries. If you refered people to vote, each person that you refer counts as 1 extra entry, simply claim them by name in your comment!
This giveaway ends on 23 December at noon EST, so hurry up and get to voting. Lets get serious about this photo contest and win y'all!
Thanks so much... now lets get to work!

~Mama of the Littles~


  1. I hope your little guy wins! I voted on both photos!
    reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com