Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What's all the buzz??? CSN Stores!

I am sure you have all heard of CSN Stores! Right? If you are a blogger or someone that likes to go searching for fantastic blog giveaways, you have probably come across CSN Stores!
CSN stores carry a wide variety of awesome products, from baby items to household goods!
They practically carry every thing imaginable!
I went on a quest through the website to see if I could find a few things that I love, and I did! I didn't have to look too far!
I normally look to buy stuff for the littles, but I decided to delve into something that I would like so I searched again. This time I found a collection of beautiful modern rugs which would look great in my home.... hmmm too bad I didn't look at this website BEFORE Christmas! Oh well, I do have a Birthday coming up pretty soon ;)
I found a great Jeep by Fisher Price for only $279.50 (with FREE shipping) that I am seriously considering for my son's 3rd Birthday (which is just around the corner)!
They also carry a nice variety of Cloth diapers and diapering accessories (which I know will make many of you happy)!
Check out CSN stores and see what you can find. You will be pleasantly surprised I am sure!
~Happy Shopping
~Mama of the Littles~


  1. Tina, you are welcome! I hope you love your babykicks! I love mine, and think I am going to order another one from CSN!!!