Thursday, August 15, 2013

#NBFluffNStuff Beco Soleil soft structured baby carrier with infant insert review and #GIVEAWAY {US only}

I'm super excited to be able to share with you my review of Beco's newest baby carrier, the Beco Soliel! I received a Beco Soleil in Stella Black and infant insert for my review.
This is what I received:

The carrier:
This is the side of the Beco Soleil carrier that faces out when you are wearing your baby. This is the pattern that people are going to see when they see you wearing your baby in this carrier:
 The inside. This is the inside of the carrier. The side that will be touching the baby's skin while you are wearing him/her:
 A view of the inside of the carrier as it is fully open:
 The waist strap is great because it has a built in safety feature. You must press down on the rectangular button below in order to unlock the clasp:
 The Soliel has a built in pocket (perfect for keys, a paci or your cell phone) and also a D-ring (pictured to the left) which you can use as a toy attachment or clip your keys to:

 The Beco Soleil also comes with a removable black hood. This hood is perfect for protecting your baby from the elements (wind, rain, sun) when out and about. It is also great to use while nursing your child while wearing him/her a task I'm still learning to master) and is meant to be used to support your baby's head while s/he is sleeping in the carrier!
 The infant insert:
The infant insert for the Beco Soleil is made to be used to provide your newborn with additional head, neck and bottom support. It is meant to be used for babies weighing 7-15 lbs.  
 You simply place your baby on the infant insert in a seated or froggy position:

 *the froggy position is for smaller babies*
Then secure the strap around them using the Velcro closure to ensure they are snug inside the insert:
 This is the back side of the insert. You can see how to properly attach the Velcro closure here:

This is the correct position of the infant insert when using your Soliel. Note, you are going to have your carrier strapped onto your body (ensuring the waist buckle is buckled) and your baby is facing you.
Like so:

This is such a comfortable carrier. I LOVE the fact that you can crisscross the straps in the back too:

Recently I saw this chart on the Beco FB page which compares the Soleil to the Gemini:

Here is a little more information about the Beco Soleil and it's features (taken from Beco's website):
The Soliel is a very versatile carrier. It's made for babies weighing 7-45 lbs and can be used in three separate carry positions;


Beco Soleil description:

·         soft structured baby carrier
·         front, hip & back carry positions
·         newborn* to toddler (7-45 lbs/3.5 - 20.4 kg)
·         *with SOLEIL Infant Insert (sold separately)
·         wide base & high back panel
·         large shaped ergonomic seat
·         padded headrest & leg openings
·         ability to cross straps across back
·         roomy pocket on waist belt
·         key ring & toy ring
·         large sleep hood (sold separately)
·         large crossbody attachable bag (sold separately)
·         Designed in California. Responsibly made in China.
·         body 16" wide x 17" tall
·         shoulder straps 23" (can be adjusted up to 21" LONGER for a total of 42")
·         padded waist belt 28" (can be adjusted up to 60")
·         weight capacity of the carrier: 7 - 45 lbs (3.2 - 20.4kg)
·         weight of the carrier: 1.5 lbs
·         Shell: 100% Cotton
·         Fill (body & shoulder foam): 100% Polyurethane
·         Fill (waist belt): 100% Polyethylene
·         Packaging: 100% recycled content. Printed with soy based inks.
·         Instructional Booklet
·         Waist Belt Pocket
·         Key & Toy Ring
Safety Tips
As with any type of baby carrier, always inspect your Beco Baby Carrier for damage before using and follow all instructions. Never perform any task that could be dangerous with your child in the Beco Baby Carrier. Use common sense! Always double check that the buckles are connected properly. Never unbuckle the waist belt while the baby is in the carrier. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that the Manufacturer or Distributor accepts no responsibility for injury/damage due to the use/misuse of this product. Your child's safety is your responsibility. Be sure you have help getting your baby into and out of the Beco Baby Carrier until you become comfortable with it. If you are starting out with babywearing, do so over a soft surface such as a bed, sofa or carpeted floor covered with a blanket.
Please observe the following while wearing your baby:
Please support your baby with a hand or two while you and your baby are getting used to the sling. You and your baby will become more comfortable in time and you'll be able to free one or both of your hands. Please, DON'T GIVE UP! Babywearing takes practice just like all other parenting tasks. You can make the process easier by making sure that baby is fed, rested and happy before you try the carrier the first few times. Also, be sure to pull the top rim of fabric up to cover the entire back of your baby to avoid a "backdive." Never wear your baby when cycling or riding in the car. While cooking at the stove, use only back carry position. A sling doesn't substitute for a car seat. When bending, please bend at the knees, not at the waist, and hold the baby with one hand while reaching with the other. Never drink HOT beverages when wearing baby, although your sling will come handy for eating, especially in restaurants.

This carrier is AWESOME!! We LOVE it! I've had the opportunity to try out a few different carriers and I can honestly say that this is one of my favorites! I reach for it all the time. I not only have worn my sweet baby girl in this carrier but have also worn my 30 lb 3 year old boy. He nearly falls asleep on my back every single time he is in the Beco Soleil!!

You can purchase the new Beco Soleil directly from Beco's website for only $130.00! You can purchase the accessory pack (which includes the hood, infant insert and organic drooling pads) from Beco's website for $40.00

Or you can enter to win one here!
As a sponsor for this event, Beco is giving away a Soleil soft structured baby carrier in the beautiful Stella pattern:

This giveaway is open to US residents only!   
To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below! You may have to click "read more" in order for the whole Rafflecopter form to load!
Good luck and Have fun!
~Mama of the Littles~

Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above in exchange for my review. This review is my honest opinion based on my own personal experience, and may differ from yours. I did not receive any monetary compensation in exchange for this review.

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  1. I am so excited you posted this review/giveaway. I've read so many great things about the soleil and want so so badly to try it out. I think it would be great for the special needs baby I watch, and her infant sister. Thanks for the chance to win and a great review!

  2. I love my becco butterfly, but my one complaint is that there isn't a pocket for cellphone or keys. The soliel fixes that issue!

  3. So excited about this one :) I love that it has the snug newborn insert. I have a Boba 2G which I love but it doesn't have a newborn insert, so I can't use it until baby is older, which kinda sucks for me because I find there are so many benefits to wearing them when they're that itty bitty and need to be held constantly. Thank you for this giveaway!
    Ps. I'm @psmamae on Twitter, I might have made a typo on the entry form.

  4. This one is on my MUST-TRY list!! My fingers and toes are crossed for a win :) Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  5. Love baby-wearing. I spent 6 months in Africa moby-ing special needs babies, going for walks and taking trips to town riding on boda-bodas (motorcycles) and matatus (public transportation). This definitely would've come in handy :)

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