Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blogger opportunity! $3.00 per link sign ups!

Are you a blogger? Do you LOVE FLUFF?? Do you want to increase your numbers on Facebook, Twitter, GFC and/or Pinterest?
I have been invited to participate in a special Cloth Diaper #GIVEAWAY event over at Kerrific Online's blog!
Here is the deal! There will be a giveaway! One person will win 12 newborn clothdiapers and a wet bag.
YOU can sponsor this giveaway by going HERE and signing up. *please write my name "Angela Heffner" in the referral box*

The cost is $3.00 per link. So if you'd like to have entrants like you on FB and follow your blog via GFC, you will pay only $6.00!
This event is going to be HUGE!
I am going to be participating because I'd love to see a mama win a stash of 12 fluffy newborn diapers and a wetbag!
If you participate, will you please fill in my name as the one that referred you in the referral box listed in the sign up form here?

If you plan to participate, please comment below this post!
If you are not a blogger, and you are not going to sponsor.... you can come back here August 1-15th and enter to win!

~Mama of the littles~


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