Thursday, June 28, 2012

Facebook cloth diaper destash sale going on now!

Just in case you missed it, I am having a virtual de-stash sale on Facebook.
You can view the diapers and other items for sale here:

~Mama of the Littles


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. That's a little presumptuous. I don't blog to do reviews at this point myself, but I do enter a lot of giveaways and half my stash is giveaway items at this point and some things I'm not as happy with as I thought that I would be. If I feel like selling some of those items to buy other items for my stash, there's not really anything wrong with that.

      Obviously she completed any necessary reviews, that the companies sent her diapers on, as PAYMENT in a round about way to review their items in a public forum. If she gives an honest review, her readers will potentially purchase the products and the company will make WAY more off her review, than they lost on ONE diaper. Obviously you don't understand how marketing and business work. Every business has to give away some free product to get their name out there. (Free samples in the grocery store ring a bell?) It's the way that it works. People aren't going to buy some item blindly unless they have either tried it themselves, or they have someone else's word of mouth that the product is GOOD and worth purchasing! You have to entice the consumer.

      Think before you speak.

  2. I do not appreciate you coming here to my blog and posting comments that are offensive, untrue and contain profane language! Your comment has been deleted! Please, if you don't like my blog, simply unfollow it, really, do us all a favor "anonymous" I honestly don't think my blog is a good place for you, as I don't appreciate being insulted and having foul language posted on this blog!

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