Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How I earned over $200 to spend on fluff!!!

I've been cloth diapering for over 4 years now. I've never (as you know) cloth diapered a newborn until now. I think I was intimidated or just unprepared or a little of both. It is so EASY!! I've been loving the products I've been sent for review... the newborn diapers, flats, fitteds, and the list goes on!

I recently went through my box of diapers in my closet that I've had for over a year now. These are mostly diapers that were given to me, or that I used on my boys.

I had a few new in package diapers that were boy colors and since we just had a girl I was dying to get some girlie fluff!

That's where Kissed by the Moon came in! After browsing their website, I noticed a link on the main page titled 'we buy diapers.' I contacted Tami, owner of Kissed by the Moon and she told me to e-mail her the diaper descriptions along with pictures! So I did!
I sent her a some diapers (mostly boy colored diapers that were given to me, and a few newborn diapers I had bought that really were not my cuppa tea). Shortly after receiving the diapers, she e-mailed me a GC code to be used on her site!!!
How much did I make?? Approximately $200 worth of store credit!!

Do you have some diapers lying around that you are no longer using, you don't reach for as often and would like to send them in for store credit?
Here is what you need to do!
Inventory the diapers you have to send *please note, ALL diapers must be in EUC (no stains, pilling or smells, holes or tears)! Take pictures of the diapers you wish to send to Tami!

Then e-mail Tami at  customerservice@kissedbythemoon.com to include the diaper descriptions and attach your pictures to they e-mail.
*if you have diapers that are new in package, there is no need to take a picture, simply describe what you have in your e-mail!

Tami will e-mail you with a quote of what she can give you for your diapers (comes in the form as store credit to Kissed by the Moon)!

Then, package up and ship your diapers to Tami!

Once they are received, she will issue you a GC via e-mail and then you can shop, shop shop!

This is a great program and I am so glad that I sent in my diapers!!

Don't forget, we are just over a week away before the NBFluffNStuff begins!!

Over $2000 in prizes to be won! It will all happen right here.... stay tuned!

~Mama of the Littles~


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