Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fabulous Fuzzi Bunz?? Not quite! My disappointment with Fuzzi Bunz (the company, not the product)! Part I

Okay, so those of you that have been reading this blog for any amount of time, might know that fact that I LOVE Fuzzi Bunz diapers! I have reviewed them here on the blog, talked about my passionate love affair love for them time and time again!
So you can imagine my excitement when I recently found out that they are having a sale! Buy 6 diapers, get 2 free! Yay! Being the budget conscious, frugal mama that I am I immediately started crunching numbers.
6 at $19.95 = $119.70 then you get two free, so really you are getting 8 diapers for $119.70, which comes out to $14.96 a diaper! Great deal, good price!
So I began contacting on-line authorized Fuzzi Bunz retailers to see who could give me the best deal. Since we are military, I get a good military discount. One retailer offers me 10% off and another 15%
So my first retailer offered me the 10% off discount price, plus they had an online coupon code allowing you to take $10.00 off any purchase over $50.00. So with this sale, 6 diapers at $19.95 = $119.70, minus the 10% = $107.73 then the $10.00 off the purchase = $97.73. So for 8 Fuzzi Bunz diapers (buy 6 get two free), it comes out to $12.21 per diaper!
Unreal! This is like the sale of the century! My heart begins to beat faster and faster as I crunch numbers! Here is a look at scenario #2 (on-line retailer #2)
8 diapers for $119.70 minus the 15% off (military discount) it comes out to $101.75 which makes it $12.71 a diaper! This is unreal! This price for my beloved Fuzzi Bunz!
So in planning to place an order, I thought of how much I love these diapers. Then I remembered that at this financial climate, not many moms may be able to lay down about a hundred bucks for 8 new diapers.
So what do I do... I start thinking that if I buy a bunch then offer them to you, my lovely readers at the sale price, you could get them at this great price!
I made a facebook post about it offering these diapers to you for about $12.00 each!
You have to understand something, retail is very competitive. The various retailers want your business! They compete against one another to give you the best price possible, so that you will conduct your business with them.
So within the same day of making that Facebook post, I received two e-mails from two online retailers asking me where I got that number ($12.00 each) so I responded to each with my math and both seemed satisfied.
Then, the next day, a representative from Fuzzi Bunz e-mails me and asks me how I am able to get the diapers at that price. So I explained the same thing to her about the discounts and savings code!
She contacts her supervisor and states that this sale (buy 6 get 2) cannot be used with any other discount (from retailers)! So I go to the Fuzzi Bunz website, and look again at the sale deal, buy 6 get 2 and NO WHERE do I read that this sale/promotion cannot be combined with any other discount!
Here is a comparison for you! Recently Bumgenius had a similar sale/promotion, but theirs was buy 5 get 1 free. On the Bumgenius sale, their page automatically stated (fine print) that their promotion could not be combined with any other sale or discount.
Now for the Fuzzi Bunz buy 6 get 2 free, there is nothing on the sale page that says this deal/promotion cannot be combined with any other sale.
It only states that all 6 diapers must be purchased at the same time, from the same retailer, and purchased from 8/15 to 9/30 That's it!
So in my search to find the best deal, I came across not one, not two, but 4 'authorized' online retailers that were willing to give me military discount (and other store sales) with the Fuzzi Bunz promotion!
You would think that if such a policy existed that the Fuzzi Bunz promotion could NOT be used with any other discount or sale, that the retailers would know this. I am told that Fuzzi Bunz has a specific contract with these retailers, as they are authorized to sell the Fuzzi Bunz products. I was told by 2 of these online retailers that no where in their contract with Fuzzi Bunz was there any mention that the Fuzzi Bunz promotion could not be applied to any other sale or discount.
I asked the Fuzzi Bunz representative if I could get a copy of the policy between them and their retailers, and of course they said no!
Why am I so upset?
It's not so much the fact that I can't get the diapers for $12 something each (although that is a bummer) It's the fact that the company is in the wrong. The fact that there is NO 'fine print' saying this offer cannot be combined. I was told my the Fuzzi Bunz representative that if someone purchases the 6 diapers at a discounted price, the offer to get the 2 free would be void.
So now I am wondering how many mama's out there purchased the 6 with a sale code or discount and are not going to be receiving their two diapers free all because Fuzzi Bunz did not mention that their promotion could not be combined with any other sales!
I really do love my Fuzzi Bunz
I have contacted the company several times and am told that a supervisor will be in touch with me. That was a week ago, and still no word!
Will I sell all my Fuzzi Bunz diapers and make the switch to a different brand? Probably not, because I can't afford to, and I do love my FB dipes! Will I boycott Fuzzi Bunz and not purchase another one of their products? Not sure yet! But what I will do, is expose this company to you, and to all who will listen. I will see this through until it's resolved and find some sort of outcome where both parties (myself and Fuzzi Bunz) are satisfied!
To say the least, I am highly disappointed!
~Mama of the Littles~   


  1. hmmm that is pretty crappy. They should at least state that the 6 must be full price and not discounted.

  2. I agree Rhiana! I am in the process of writing the CEO of Fuzzi Bunz!

  3. That is crazy!!! I received my first FuzziBunz diaper for free from a friend of mine who was done using it. I LOVE it and really want more. Thank you for sharing this information.

  4. That is ridiculous but I have heard other companies do things like this (not CD companies). I don't think that their logic would stand up in a small claims court since there policy and contracts with the individual retailers does not state anything about them having to be purchased at full retail value to get the 2 free diapers. I would like to know how many others are not going to get their 2 free diapers because they used a coupon/discount of some amount. If everybody receives them why can't you? I wonder if they actually see you as a retail threat, being an unauthorized reseller or something. Interested to hear the updates.

  5. Wow, that's really awful of them if they're turning people down for the promotion after not having that clear from the beginning.

    TBH, I owned one FuzziBunz and it did not work for me so I sold it, but lately I have been hearing a lot about both quality issues and customer service issues. It has really turned me off to the brand. I'm someone who is willing to pay a little more, even though I'm on a budge, for products from a company with a good reputation. Especially a product like cloth diapers, that I use every single day!

  6. I spoke to you about the diapers on facebook and was really excited about it, and when you mentioned the military discount I was excited, as we are a military family as well but after this whole ordeal, I am rethinking ordering from them. I love my fuzzibuns but I've started having issues with them and I am finding myself loving my BG dipes a whole lot more!

  7. If they want to change their policy going forward, that's one thing. But to arbitrarily try to enact a new policy like this is definitely poor business practice.
    Although I *can* see where it might be a little much to offer your military discount to all of your readers. Friends or family on the down low, sure. It's a nice thought with good intentions but it kind of is taking advantage of the situation if the readers buying the dipes aren't also military.

  8. you dont mess with military discounts!!! those are earned! I don't understand why they are so upset. You are still using them and talking about how great they are, getting them business etc. They shouldn't be upset with you anyway. Its the retailers responsibility to make sure there isn't anything in the fine print they prohibits discounts on sales. Plus FB isn't taking a hit on it the retailer is! FB is still getting their $ from the retailer...

  9. True though that if you are sharing a military discount with non military, I didn't think of that. But stil they are still getting paid the same.

  10. Wow im just speachless im sorry :( I dont have any FB but this make me not even want to give them a try

  11. I can see why FB would want that to be there policy but since it wasn't posted before this sale, it seems like your discount should apply. Hopefully they will clarify their policy and advertise it so buyers are aware.

  12. I think you should be allowed to get your FB at the discount but agree that extending the military discount to non-military families isn't fair.

  13. That really sucks. I'm thinking they just saw your post and didnt want to offer them for that price to everyone. I really dont like their diapers because of the fit on my son but this makes me not want to buy from their company.

  14. Thanks for sharing everyone! I did not intend to purchase 100 Fuzzi Bunz diapers and 'sell' them to non-military people. I was hoping to purchase atleast 12 two friends that are expecting (I have enough fuzzi bunz in my stash) but now I don't know if I will! I really want to see how this is resolved! According to the mother of eden website, Fuzzi Bunz is a multi million dollar company!
    I am sure they can spare to sell 12 diapers to me at $12.00! I am disappointed with their lack of customer service!

  15. Did you talk to Kim about this. From what I understand she is in charge her email is and she told me thru an email, that I saved just in case I need it, that I could still get the promo even if my diapers where not purchased in the same transaction. Even tho it states on the form that they have to be. I would try e-mailing her if u haven't already and see what she has to say. Everyone else at fuzzibunz seems to say that this is not ok and they have to be purchased in one transaction... I don't know what is going on there. There seems to be a lot of miscommunication!

  16. Yes Julie, I have been in touch with Kim W. She supposedly gave my info to her supervisor.

    As far as offering my 10% military discount to non-military people, that was not what I intended to do. Even if you are non-military you can get 10% off your order (Fuzzi Bunz diapers included) right now at Happy Baby Company. This is just one of the several online retailers that I have found that have offered me sales/discounts in conjunction with the buy 6 get 2 free!
    Fuzzi Bunz seems disorganized and the rules within the company have not been clearly stated! I expect more out of this company!

  17. The mystery prints are disappointing too. I think alot of people who purchased were expecting an all over 'print' but they actually have phrases on the butts.

  18. Another big company dissapoints! Im not surprised. Couponers everywhere will give a resounding, AMEN. Companies seem to change rules about coupons and discount codes like they change undies. There is no way to keep track of which way they are going to turn even if we tried. It seems like this company would do anything they could to keep the customers happy and purchasing from them, especially when there is already a big push towards WAHM, made in USA, and handmedowns! TSK! TSK! What a shame! There are so many brands and companies with diapers made outside the US that are the same quality, if not better, IMO, AND CHEAPER! This pushes me away from purchasing with the promo, even though I had the money stashed from my LO's 1st b-day, AND even though I had planned on purchasing some FB! I hope they resolve this and more!

  19. Well I am still a CD rookie and working my way through the brands and have yet to try a FB but I have been hearing more and more that disappoints me about their brand all of the time. This being a case of their policy not being clearly stated and then them not being willing to honor a mistake that is clearly their wrong and not yours. Also I agree that I will feel horrible for the mamas that get their packages of fluffy mail minus the 2 extra if they were bought with a discount. Also with this very same promotion there has been much ado about the "mystery print" turning out to be just their Earth day diaper (the one that says "earth day every day" on the bum) and how calling it a mystery print may have caused many to run out and try to get their hands on it because you know there are some mamas who will do anything to get their hands on special editions, limited edition prints and will stalk hunt and almost sell off the rights to name their next born. I think that if even they had been up front and said which diaper it was they still would have gotten an overwhelming response but by calling it a mystery print that implies that this is something new that we havent seen before and that yes it would be an all over print not just something on the bum. So hearing of your problems with the company has turned me off from trying them altogether because Id just rather not deal with a company that has a proven bad track record of of poor customer service. Because once they found out that there had been one discrepancy they should have vowed to put it in the fine print for their next promotion not arbitrarily decide to implement it now during the current promotion and once you spoke to customer service they should have relayed that although it was not their intention to have this promotion be used with any extra discounts that they would allow it since it is no where to be found in the fine print for this specific promo but that in the future it would be stated clearly.

  20. This is hilarious! The company knows they are in the wrong and just won't admit it. Good job for consumers like you who expose fishy things like this so the rest of us can be aware.

  21. Oh my, I would be so upset too!!! That's too bad. BTW, love how budget conscious you are and that you calculate your savings. We have something in common! :)

  22. Just reading your post I can see how the company would be offended of you taking advantage of their promotoion by combining your military discount with the sale, and then turning around and selling it for less than their retailers can offer it. Im not saying its wrong that you combined your military discount with the sale (especially if there is no fine print!) but for you to then offer them for sale on your site for less....thats not cool. Even if you saw it as innocent, as helping some friends out, you should have done it on the dl and not advertised. By advertising you actually probably took away from the promotion that their sale was supposed to generate, by offering it for less than anyone else! I have worked in retail alot in the past and just think that consumers need to take a chill pill sometimes, the customer is not always right.

  23. @Malika,
    The 10% military discount is irrelevant! There are many online retailers offering a sale (10% off any order, $10.00 any order of $50.00) combined with the Fuzzi Bunz sale! I was using the military discount as an example. Even non-military folks can get a great deal on these diapers. I am thinking of the Mama's out there that can't afford to plop down $100 diapers at ONE TIME to get the buy 6 get 2 free promo!
    I was not trying to take advantage of my military discount, because in all honesty you can find the same deal, if you just do some digging! :)

  24. Charlie Banana are very similar to FB - my fav diapers!

  25. Hi Angela,
    The Buy 6 Get 2 Free promotion is a Manufacturer's Rebate. If you show us a receipt of you buying 6 diapers in one purchase, we will honor the promotion. We are very sensitive to having fair promotions between our retailers. The retailer you were working with was not aware that you were trying to take advantage of three promotions at one time - at $10 off and a 15% military discount and the rebate. This was an oversight by a retailer and she has since changed her policy to eliminate this issue going forward. Retailers may offer one discount and the rebate, but not two discounts as she was doing. We are sorry if this has caused you any distress. Also, please note that no one may promote that they will sell FuzziBunz news unless they are an authorized retailer. However, buying them for your friends is fine if the retailer will honor such a discount for bulk purchases. This is our final response as we have been very communicative with you throughout this process. Thank you for being a FuzziBunz fan and for your understanding.

  26. I have been having issues with some of my FB as well and have been having difficulty getting them to respond to me. I love my FB but i need good customer service.. There are a lot of good companies out there now and I like a couple other diapers as well. I have really been considering selling some of my FB and buying some other kinds.. it is very interesting that this has happened to you and i have been feeling this all at the same time.. I am so sorry for all of this.. that is terrible!

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