Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Has Fuzzi Bunz redeemed themselves???

Many of you are aware of the confusion I had over the current Fuzzi Bunz promotion and their buy 6 get 2 free! If not, you can read about that HERE
Fuzzi Bunz has made a blog comment on that same link and this is what they had to say:
"Hi Angela,
The Buy 6 Get 2 Free promotion is a Manufacturer's Rebate. If you show us a receipt of you buying 6 diapers in one purchase, we will honor the promotion. We are very sensitive to having fair promotions between our retailers. The retailer you were working with was not aware that you were trying to take advantage of three promotions at one time - at $10 off and a 15% military discount and the rebate. This was an oversight by a retailer and she has since changed her policy to eliminate this issue going forward. Retailers may offer one discount and the rebate, but not two discounts as she was doing. We are sorry if this has caused you any distress. Also, please note that no one may promote that they will sell FuzziBunz news unless they are an authorized retailer. However, buying them for your friends is fine if the retailer will honor such a discount for bulk purchases. This is our final response as we have been very communicative with you throughout this process. Thank you for being a FuzziBunz fan and for your understanding."
Do I still love my Fuzzi Bunz? Yes! Am I going to buy some diapers? Yes.
Do I think they handled this situation correctly??? Perhaps. I think that since they were not suffiecent in communicating their rules of purchase (ie: they should have been included in the 'fine print' on the promotional page, that perhaps things could have been done differently!
Fuzzi Bunz really are great diapers. I have had no issues with their customer service in the past (even when my diapers needed replacing because of tearing in the PUL) until now!
I am going to give Fuzzi Bunz a second chance.
If you commented earlier about not being sure if you would like to buy from them or not, because of my blog post, please feel free to give them a try. Their diapers really are top-notch!
As the blog post said, "If you show us a receipt of you buying 6 diapers in one purchase, we will honor the promotion."
What do you think? How many of you are going to be purchasing diapers to take advantage of the buy 6 get 2 free deal??
~Mama of the Littles~


  1. I won't be buying 6 at once, I don't like the free diapers. I think the way they handled it was just was bad practice and they used pretty words it make it look like they were in the right the whole time. Also not letting you use your military discount from the retailers (for your own personal purchase at least) kind of upset me.

    They never said it couldn't be combined with another promo or discount, until you tried to do it, which upsets me. Obviously they're just trying to make a buck.

    My FB dipes are only about a month old and I'm already having issues. Extremely sticky PUL (can barely stuff them), the waist elastic comes unbuttoned in almost every wash and gets stuck inside the diaper. I have to use tweezers to pull it out and refasten it. Which disappoints me, as I really wanted to love these diapers.

    I'll spend my money elsewhere and buy BG dipes instead. I like them more.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for commenting, if your diapers are giving you trouble, and you've only had them a month, you can contact Fuzzi Bunz, fill out a form and they will more thank likely replace them for you. I had to do this a few years ago, and the diapers were replaced with no problem.
    Here is the link to use to replace your diapers:
    Thanks again for sharing!

  3. i like the FB sized diapers, but am extremely disappointed with their OS diapers. as Mrs. M commented, i can hardly stuff the diaper b/c the PUL is so crazy sticky. for OS diapers, i prefer other brands.

  4. Im glad to see that they "tried" to resolve the issue. Im a little disappointed in their final wording. A little snotty sounding ;) Must be a woman responding. I kinda just wish they would have appologized and chalked it up to a mistake and let you have ALL the discounts because it was an oversight on their part.