Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I love to win, and this time I did!!

Since I've started blogging consistently, I've received many free products for review. I love trying new products and I LOVE giving free things away to you (giveaways).
I am so caught up in blogging though, and typing up my reviews, that I don't much have time to enter any giveaways to win.
The other week I received an e-mail from All Things Diapers. They wanted bloggers to post a review of their store. You could either visit their store in person or visit the online version and blog about it.
Since they are located in MN, I thought about doing option #2!
The deadline was the end of August.... I re-read the e-mail and saw that they were offering a few bloggers an item for review and giveaway, a $100.00 gift basket, and a $250.00 gift basket to the bloggers that submitted the review, winners chosen by random.
At the last minute, I decided to blog about it. You can read my post HERE!
Much to my surprise, I received an e-mail last week stating I was the winner of the $250.00 gift basket! I about fell out of my chair!
What a blessing!
Then today, when I checked the mail (in the pouring down rain) there was a HUGE box on my steep from All Things Diapers!
Do you want to guess what was inside? I had not idea what I had won, but knew it was fluffy goodness!
Here is a photo of the box just after I opened it:
Want to guess what was inside?
Here are the items all laid out (at nap-time of course):
Is that not the most beautiful prize pack you have ever seen?
I am so thankful to All Things Diapers for blessing us in this way!
Let's show them some "Life With My Littles Love" for two extra entries into each one of my current giveaways, to include those that will be posted through the month of September, please go ahead and like All Things Diapers on Facebook and copy this note to their wall "New fan here, Life With My Littles sent me, thanks for blessing her family with such an awesome prize" *for Rafflecopter entries, just leave a blog post comment under the giveaway and put "all things diapers #1" "all things diapers #2"
I have 2 friends that are pregnant and due this winter, and my sister is due in October! I will use some of these items, then pay it forward to bless the other mamas as I have been blessed!
A huge thank you to All Things Diapers for giving me this awesome prize!
~Mama of the Littles~


  1. Wow that is an awesome prize pack! Congratulations!! :-)

  2. So how do you get signed up to get stuff to review?

  3. Thanks Mama!
    @Kristi, there is no way to sign up. I think they just randomly chose bloggers to blog about their business! Not quite sure how they chose me, but I'm glad they did :)

  4. Thats awesome! I have yet to get an offer from a business to review stuff. I get all my reviews/giveaways by asking. Hopefully soon I will be pitched, lol.
    stop by sometime, I'd love to have you!
    Thanks for my happy baby company prize, I started shopping and got distracted lol. Gonna finish my order today. It's hard to spend $100 all at once!