Monday, January 16, 2012

"Birthday Blessings Bash" Applecheeks cloth diaper and new stay dry microterry insert review and #GIVEAWAY {Teeny Turtle/US and Canada}

I'm a big fan of Applecheeks diapers, you can read my previous review here. That review was done with an Applecheeks diaper that had a rayon from bamboo insert. Now Applecheeks has come out with a new insert. It's a one-size-stay-dry microterry insert. When I heard about this new insert, I really wanted to try it out. Beth, over at Teeny Turtle graciously sent me a little bundle in "Delicious" size 2 for review!
This is what I received:
I just had to include this picture because it came so beautifully packaged! It was like a present sent just for me :)

Here is a little bit of information about the new stay-dry-microterry insert (taken from the Applecheeks website):

These new inserts are an innovative approach to our hybrid diapering system. As per this illustration, and the tutorial video above, the insert has a white side (stay-dry microFLEECE side) and a white with red stitching and label side (absorbent microTERRY side). When placed ON the cover for the cover+insert method, the white side faces UP. When placed IN the cover for the pocket mention, the red stitching side faces UP. As well, the label on the microterry side clearly indicates that this side is NOT to go against baby's skin.

Use these inserts alone for daytime use, or in combination with our 2-pli and 3-pli inserts for super nighttime absorbency!

Applecheeks has a great video tutorial here which demonstrates how to use their new microterry insert with your Applecheeks diaper!

I really like the fact that the Applecheeks diapers can be used as a pocket diaper or all in two! Dirty Diaper Laundry did a great You Tube video which shows you how to set up your Applecheeks diapers in both these configurations!
Here is how you would use this diaper as an all in two:

Remember though, if you are using the Applecheeks diaper as an all in two, the white side of the new microterry insert needs to be against baby's skin. The side with the red stitching is not to be placed against the skin of your baby!
The Applecheeks size 2 fits my 2 yo son great.

You can purchase an Applecheeks little bundle with the new stay-dry microterry directly from Teeny Turtle for $23.00! Or you can enter to win one here!!

As a sponsor of the "Birthday Blessings Bash" event, Beth at Teeny Turtle has generously offered one LWML follower an Applecheeks little bundle with new stay-dry-microterry insert in choice of color/print and size! *subject to in-stock availability*

To enter, simply use the rafflecopter form below, you may have to click on "read more" to see the rafflecopter entry form!

Good Luck and have fun!
~Mama of the Littles~

Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above in exchange for this review, thanks to Beth at The Teeny Turtle! No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours.

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  1. Would love to win this! I have never tried an Applecheeks...

  2. Thank you for the giveaway! Applecheeks look like an amazing diaper.

  3. Have never heard of Applecheeks, but they look great!

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