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"Birthday Blessings Bash" Wooly Rounds Felted Wool Dryer Balls Review and #GIVEAWAY {set of 4} US and Canada

If you cloth diaper, then I am sure you have heard of wool dryer balls.... somewhere down the road in your journey with cloth!
Wool dryer balls are great for all your laundry needs. Why you ask? Well, using wool dryer balls in your dryer helps to naturally soften clothes (no need for fabric softener or those highly scented fabric dryer sheets that I can't stand *because they are harmful to us humans*) and they reduce your drying time, saving you time and money!
Curious? Here is a bit more information about Wooly Rounds (taken from the Wooly Rounds website):
What the heck is a wool dryer ball?

A wool dryer ball is a felted ball of wool that you use in your clothes dryer to help separate your clothes. Having several in your dryer creates a constant motion that allows for more air to circulate around your wet laundry so your clothes will dry faster. The more dryer balls you use, the less time it takes to dry a load and you can reduce your dry time by 10 –25%.
Wool dryer balls are absolutely ideal for any and all laundry, both personal and business, and are an essential asset to help reduce dry time, conserve energy and save you money.

Facts about WOOLY ROUNDS

Each WOOLY ROUND wool dryer ball is made individually by hand using 100% local, lanolin-rich wool. They are a safe, durable, high-quality wool dryer ball crafted right here in midcoast Maine. Each one is approximately the size of a tennis ball, ~9 inches in circumference and weighs ~ 2oz.

Wool is used because of its incredible properties including the ability to:
•help reduce static – wool fibers can absorb static cling
•naturally soften clothes due to the friction of the balls against the fabric
•makes clothes fresher and smell cleaner – since wool has the ability to absorb toxins and odors

As for the lifespan of a WOOLY ROUND, the photo to the right is a good example. The top aqua one has been used continuously for over 18 months, the one on the bottom is brand new. After months of constant use, they show some signs of wear and will still last a very long time. I have been using a mixture of colorful and natural WOOLY ROUNDS in my dryer with EVERY load for almost 2 years, and I have never had any colors run.
Cyndi at Wooly Rounds graciously sent me 4 felted wool dryer balls for review! This is what I received:

Aren't they pretty? Purple is one of my favorite colors too! :) The little cotton bag that they come in is adorable and I think I'm going to use it to wash my bras in, as a garment bag!! I really love the fact that these dryer balls are hand made, right here in the good ole USA, in Maine!

Wooly Rounds recommends starting with 3 wool dryer balls and then building up to 6-8 which will reduce your drying time by 10-25%

Did I mention these are also great for #clothdiapers! I always hang dry my cloth diaper shells. I have NEVER put a shell in the dryer! I do though, put my inserts (microfiber, hemp and bamboo) in the dryer though! *note that natural fibers (hemp and bamboo) need to be washed separately about 5-7 times before you can dry them with microfiber inserts!* I use the dryer balls in the dryer with all my laundry, clothes, sheets, cloth diapers you name it... the dryer balls stay inside and do their job! Unless of course, my boys get a hold of them and start playing their 'wool dryer ball games' which consist of catch, bowling, and all other games that you can play with a ball!

Cyndi recently submitted a very informative article on Diaper Shops blog which explains how to use wool dryer balls specifically with cloth diapers! You can read that article here! 

I LOVE these dryer balls. They are very well made and I know they will last me a long time!
You can purchase Wooly Rounds directly from the Wooly Rounds website. One dryer ball costs $8.00 or you can buy them in packs 3 for $22.50, 5 for $36.25! Wooly Rounds also has a seconds section where you can get functioning dryer balls at a reduced cost! 3 for $19.00 5 for $31.00 or 7 for $32.00!

Or you can enter to win some here! As a sponsor of the "Birthday Blessings Bash" event, Wooly Rounds has generously offered one LWML follower a 4 pack of felted wool dryer balls!

To enter, simply use the rafflecopter form below, you may have to click on "read more" to see the rafflecopter entry form!

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents!!
Good Luck and have fun!
~Mama of the Littles~

Disclosure: I received the product(s) mentioned above in exchange for this review, thanks to Cyndi at Wooly Rounds! No monetary compensation was received by me. This is my completely honest opinion above and may differ from yours.

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