Sunday, June 5, 2011

All About Baby *and Mama too* Blog Bash Sponsor Spotlight: Wee Little Changes!!

Wee Little Changes graciously sent me a Tiny Tush Organic Wool Soaker for review!
Thas is what I received:
The following information was taken from Wee Little Change's website:
These Organic Wool Soakers are pull-on wool diaper covers, which are double knitted from soft, organic sheep's wool. They are highly absorbent and can hold up to 30% of their weight in liquids without feeling damp. The soft ribbing around the waist and legs hold the cover securely without leaving a red mark on your baby's skin. The natural properties of wool keep temperatures well balanced, allowing air to circulate, promoting a healthier environment for your baby's bum. Wool diaper covers can be hung to air-dry between uses and only need washing when soiled. Made in Germany.

•Convenient pull-on diaper covers

•Double knitted from organic sheep wool

•Highly absorbent

•Soft ribbing for a comfortable fit

Newborn 6-13 lbs.
Small 12-19 lbs.
Medium 18-26 lbs.
Large 25-33 lbs.
Toddler 33-40 lbs.

I really like this cover. I bought it for my 1 yo son to wear at night, and it really works. He is not to the point of being a heavy wetter yet (like the case with my 3 yo), but I know that this cover keeps him feeling dry. It is so easy to put on too, very convenient.
This is what the cover looks like on my 1 yo son, with a fitted diaper underneath:

All About Baby Blog Bash
As a sponsor for All About Baby Blog Bash, Wee Little Changes is giving away a $20.00 gift certificate to be used towards the purchase of anything on their website:
Look for this month! Blog Bash 2011 runs from June 22-26th
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