Friday, June 10, 2011

All About Baby *and Mama too* Blog Bash Sponsor Spotlight: Brynn's Beautiful Bows!

Since discovering all the wonderfully talented crafters on Etsy, I have really been looking around and have discovered quite a few artists. Recently while looking into reusable feminine pads and un-paper towels, I came across Brynn's Beautiful Bows (aka Brynn's Boutique)!
I was sent a wet bag for review. This is what I received:
This is a close up of the snap (love this feature):
The opened wet bag:
This wet bag is perfect for putting in your diaper bag and using when you are out and about. It will hold 2 *maybe 3* soiled diapers. I also think this would be a great item for a young girl to take to the pool to store her wet swimsuit. The color I received is purple, which is great, because that is my favorite color, and I am going to use it this summer for my suit when I go to the pool (which has been a lot lately because its been in the upper 90's here already)!
This wet bag was made very well and the quality is excellent.
But Brynn's Beautiful Bows not only offers wet bags!
Take a look at a few of the other items up for sale in her Etsy shop:
Hello.... I need want a little girl!! ($10)
(cloth wipes $6.00)
Wet bag ($10.00)
Ooga Booga knit skirt ($19.99) Did I mention to you that her site makes me really want a girl??
Mama cloth ($7.00)
Un-paper towels set of 10 ($15.00) If I were entering this giveaway, and I won, I would HAVE TO buy these!!!

All About Baby Blog Bash
As a sponsor for All About Baby Blog Bash, Brynn's Beautiful Bows is giving away a $15.00 gc to be used towards the purchase of anything in her Etsy shop!!

Look for this month! Blog Bash 2011 runs from June 22-26th
~Mama of the Littles~

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  1. Love it! Thanks for the awesome review :D