Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog Bash 2011 (6) Prize packages revealed!!

And without further ado, I present the prize packages for Blog Bash 2011!
You can enter one, or all. It is possible to win more than one prize package! There will be lots of ways to enter too! The only mandatory entry is that you follow my blog publicly via GFC!

Prize Pack #1 “The Wonderful World of Wool #1”

1. $10.00 gift card to Baby Roo (with free shipping) value $10.00
2. Bag of Rockin Green soap (in winner's choice of formula and scent) value $15.95
3. Mixed sample set of 5 gender neutral cloth wipes from Velvet rabbit cloth on Etsy value $5.00
4. Sloomb snapless starter kit value  $71.95

Total Value=$102.90

Prize Pack #2 “Wonderful World of Wool #2”

1. Set of 10 cloth wipes, and a jar of Baa-Baa bottom cream from Milk Made Momma on Etsy value $14.00
2. $10.00 Amazon gift card value $10.00
3. Babee Greens fitted diaper in choice of hemp/organic cotton or organic cotton value=$19.95
4. $20.00 gc to Wee Little Changes value $20.00
5. Sloomb/Sustainablebabyish knit wool cover value $42.00
6. Eucalan wool wash gift pack value $20.00

Total Value=$125.95

Prize Pack #3 “A Little Something For Mom”

1. Glad Rags reusable feminine pads value $43.97
2. Swaddlebees blueberry minky one size cloth diaper value $24.95
3. Rumparooz G2 cloth diaper value $23.50
4. $10.00 gc to For Mom and Keiki value $10.00
5. $15.00 gc to Brynn’s Beautiful Bows, Etsy value $15.00
6. Scentsy mid-sized warmer and bar by Julie Danielle value $30.00

Total Value=$147.42

Prize Pack #4 “Something for the little man/girl in your life”

1. Itty Bitty Bums (AI2 cloth diaper in choice of size and color) value $14.00
2. $25.00 gc to Things. By Christine value $25.00
3. Set of 3 Planet Wise Bag your snack bags value $23.97
4. $20.00 gc to Happy Cotton Tails value $20.00
5. Green Toys Flatbed truck and race car value $29.99

Total Value=$112.96

Prize Pack #5 “Crazy for Cloth”
1. Rumparooz G2 OS diaper value $23.50
2. Mother Ease one size cloth diaper system value $26.80
3. $25.00 gc to the Applecheeks on-line store value $25.00
4. Blissful Booty AIO diaper in choice of size and a 10 pack of cloth wipes value $30.98

Total Value=$106.28

Prize Pack #6 “This N’ That”
1.  $25.00 gc to Things. By Christine value $25.00
2. Fuzzi Bunz one size hemp diaper value $21.95
3. Oh Katy one size diaper value $17.95
4. $25.00 gc to KC Babies Etsy shop value $25.00
5. Animal Diaper Cover from Green Child Creations (Etsy) value $25.00
6. AMP diaper of choice value $20.00

Total Value=$134.90

Okay, that's it for now! Be sure to check back here on June 22 to start entering!
Feel free to post here about which package you would like to win the most!!

~Mama of the Littles~


  1. I can't decide what I would want to win the most! Maybe crazy for cloth.
    I can't wait!! Thanks so much for doing all of this!

  2. Oh man this is awesome! Great packages. I can't decide either any of them would be WONDERFUL!

  3. All your packages are great. I am your newest follower and that went ok, but for some reason, I am having trouble getting google to let me post under google. Never had that problem before. It keeps bumping me back to signing in, and then it won't post. So I will try under anonymous. I've been blogging for quite awhile and have no idea why this is happening. If you have any suggestions, please email me at Any help from any one would help. I've posted many times never had a problem before now.

  4. Well after pulling my hair out, and then asking for help well there it went, now it's working. Go figure, thanks for letting me visit, and I'm trying to learn how to enter these give aways.

  5. I WOULD love to win package #2 because I really want to try that sustainablebabyish cover! Awesome gifts btw!

  6. Wow! Awesome packages. I'm gonna say #6!

  7. I think 5. Yeah, I would say #5 for me.