Monday, June 20, 2011

Two More Days!!! Blog Bash 2011

Ok, I am officially counting down the days/hours to the start of Blog Bash 2011!
I have everything typed up and scheduled to go live on 22 June at 12:00 midnight EST!
Are you guys excited?
I have over $600.00 worth of fluff to give away!
I am one of 150 blogs participating in this blog-hop giveaway!
Here is how this is going to play out:
On 22 June (Wednesday) the giveaway posts will go live!
I will have a seperate post for each prize pack (6 in all)!
You can enter one, or enter them all!! Have fun with this!
I do ask that you are honest though and if you comment saying you did something for an extra entry, please do what you said you did! I will be checking and double checking :)
Also, to make it easier on you, I have posted a page on the right side bar titled "Blog Bash 2011 Giveaways" When the giveaways go live, I will post each prize pack there with the link to that prize. Saves you searching through the blog finding the right prize pack you are looking for!
There are still extra entries available.
You can read about how to get them Here and Here!
The entries for the giveaway for Blog Bash 2011 will close at midnight (EST) on Sunday 26 June!
Good luck to you all and thanks for following my blog!!
~Mama of the Littles~

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