Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All About Baby *and Mama too* Blog Bash Sponsor Spotlight: For Mom and Keiki!!

Do you remember back when I reviewed Eco Nuts from For Mom and Keiki?
Well, Gloria has again sent me some products for review. This time around she sent me a Hemp Babies little weeds and a Hemp Babies bigger weeds for review.
This is what I received:
*I actually purchased the Honey Chunks from Gloria to try out (not sure why I included them in the picture*
I had been really using the Fuzzi Bunz hemp inserts for my eldest during the day, as he was such a heavy wetter. I had not yet discovered the Wonderful World of Wool, and so I needed something that I could use for him during nap-time (he sleeps anywhere from 2-3 hours)! So after prepping the hemp, I used the bigger weeds folded in thirds with the front folded over (for extra protection) and stuffed it into a medium sized Fuzzi Bunz pocket diaper!! No Leaks. This particular stuffin' made my son have a big fluffy bum, but I didn't care, as long as it meant he would wake up dry! I use the little weeds hemp wrapped around a microfiber insert and stuff that into a Fuzzi Bunz medium diaper as well, and that really works too! These are really good to use for nap time. I find myself reaching for them always, (if I don't already have my Grovia AIO, or my Bumgenius AIO on hand)!

The following information taken from For Mom and Keiki's website:
Hemp Babies™ Bigger Weeds are made of hemp fleece composed of 55% Hemp, 45% Certified organic cotton, serged with natural thread and seamed to ease folding. Available in both a small and a large size, these high quality diapers were specifically designed to be used as an insert in a medium or large pocket diaper.

Two layers of hemp to ensure sure that your diaper washes clean easily and dries quickly. Hemp Babies Bigger Weeds fold in thirds for six thirsty layers of hemp absorbency.

Do you have a heavy wetter? Try wrapping one of our Cotton Babies Microfiber Inserts with a Hemp Babies Bigger Weed for an ultra-absorbent overnight solution.

Hemp Babies™ Bigger Weeds are also the perfect size to use as a regular prefold with a cover. The insert is the same width and two inches shorter than a fully-shrunk premium sized Chinese Prefold diaper.

Pre-wash 3-5 times in hot water with a small amount of detergent, drying between each wash. Product shrinks to size and becomes absorbent during this process. Once pre-washed, insert may be washed and dried with the rest of your diapers. This product will lint during the prewash process. If you've purchased a large number of hemp inserts, be sure to prewash in small loads to avoid clogging the filters in your washer / dryer

Would you like to try Hemp Babies bigger or little weeds for yourself?
You can purchase the little weeds from For Mom and Keiki for only $5.95, and the bigger weeds retail at $7.95. If you sign up to receive For Mom and Keiki's newsletter, or become a FB fan, you will get a 10% off coupon!
In my opinion, these are a MUST for every cloth diapering mama out there who uses pockets or covers of any kind. These have been a life saver to me and I know that as my youngest grows up and starts urinating more heavily during nap time that I will eventually need to use these for him too, and I will do so with confidence! 
All About Baby Blog Bash
As a sponsor for All About Baby Blog Bash, For Mom and Keiki is giving away a $10.00 gc towards the purchase of anything on their website!
Look for this month! Blog Bash 2011 runs from June 22-26th
~Mama of the Littles~


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