Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog Bash 2011 All About Baby *and Mama too*! Sponsor Spotlight: Mother Ease cloth diapers!

Another great diaper I recently had the opportunity to try out was the Mother Ease One size diapering system. I chose the one size unbleached diaper and for the snap in absorbent liner I chose bamboo. For the Rikki wrap cover I chose the "Wetlands" print! This is what I received:
It also came with a really informative pamphlet:

This diaper comes with an insert that simply snaps into place! These one size diapers come in 4 different types of fabrics. Stay dry on stretchy cotton terry, organic cotton terry, bamboo terry and cotton terry!
The snap in absorbent liner also comes in 4 different fabrics. Unbleached or white cotton, stay dry on cotton, organic cotton, and bamboo terry.
The snap in absorbent liner is simply snapped into the diaper like this:

These one size diapers also come in many beautiful colors:

This is what the diaper looks like as you are to put it on:
This is the diaper on my 3 yo son:

Many of you know, I am not a huge fan of Velcro closure, but I must say that this diaper is very well made and the quality of Velcro is very durable and strong!
It's an exciting time at Mother Ease... they just released their new Wizard line!
They now offer a Wizard Uno (all in one); a Wizard Duo; and a Wizard Easystuff (pocket diaper)!
The quality of Mother Ease cloth diapers are great. You can tell these diapers were crafted with care and precision.
I have used this diaper on my 3 yo with no problems. It fits him well, and we did not experience any leaks! My next step is to try it at night time with a wool cover instead of the Rikki wrap!

Have you had the pleasure of trying a Mother-Ease cloth diaper??
You can purchase the Mother-Ease one size diapering system (one size diaper, snap in absorbent liner and rikki wrap) directly from Mother-Ease for approximately $25.00-$35.00 (depending on the type of material you choose).

All About Baby Blog Bash
As a sponsor for All About Baby *And Mama Too* Blog Bash, Mother Ease is giving away a Mother Ease One Size Diaper system. Winner gets to choose: White or Unbleached fabric, a Snap in Absorbent Liner in White or Unbleached fabric and an Rikki Wrap Cover!

Look for this month! Blog Bash 2011 runs from June 22-26th

~Mama of the Littles~

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